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Breakfast Restaurants in Kuwait

Breakfast Restaurants in Kuwait

Breakfast Restaurants In Kuwait

Defining Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day; usually breakfast is served before going to work or school. Usually when someone hears the word breakfast he refers to snacks or protein foods such as cereal, eggs, vegetables. 

How and Why is Breakfast Important ?

Every place in the world usually has its own breakfast, but most commonly the food that is served would be full of carbohydrate such as cereals, grains or cornflakes, vegetables and/or fruits, a protein food such as eggs, meat or fish, and a drink such as tea, coffee or fruit juice. Toast, bread, jam, marmalade, eggs, muesli, cornflakes, bacon, sausage, hash brown, tomato & beans, croissants, mushrooms, apples, oranges, tea, coffee, and fruit juices are common examples of breakfast foods. A large range of preparations and ingredients are associated with breakfast globally. Experts around the world have clearly stated and proved that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for those whom skip the breakfast meal daily may experience laziness, tiredness, problems with the weight, and concentration disproportionately.

"Ryoog" Breakfast Restaurants in Kuwait

Breakfast Restaurants In Kuwait
Kuwait offers a lot of different restaurants that offers delicious breakfast, in this article, I will talk about few of the most enjoyable or most liked breakfast places in Kuwait. Starting off with the first restaurant, breakfast is most liked in fine weather like nowadays in Kuwait, “Ryoog” which means in Arabic breakfast, is a restaurant that serves you the best food you look forward to enjoy. The menu is very simple but makes you curious what to choose. It gives you the choice to choose from each of the following categories, eggs, and homemade style breakfast, American style breakfast, Lebanese breakfast, sandwiches, waffles and friends, also giving you the choice to order a beverage that is either hot or cold. “Ryoog” is a very elegant place; it is located at Sha’ab al Bahri, Block 8, Street 80, Next to Villa Fairouz.

"Living Room Lounge" Breakfast Restaurants in Kuwait

Breakfast Restaurants In Kuwait Breakfast Restaurants In Kuwait
Especially in this time of the year in Kuwait people are looking for elegant restaurants that have a nice view in the beautiful weather, one of the best breakfast restaurants in Kuwait contain those specific needs exactly. Living Room Lounge is a perfectly located eatery in Marina Mall, Marina Waves section to be specific, it overlooks at the ocean and Kuwait towers and other landmarks. The places you choose to sit at are very high class and all of them contain great scenery either outdoors or indoors. Usually in the outdoor you are placed in a small room with couches and a fancy heater to keep you warm. The menu is very simple you either order a traditional Arabic breakfast, American breakfast, a very tasty Spanish omelet, and a delicious egg via baked via the oven. Also usually a French toast with orange juice or cappuccino is usually a good starter before you start ordering your main dishes.

"Sunny Side Up" Breakfast Restaurants in Kuwait

Breakfast Restaurants In Kuwait
Last but not least, the most modern restaurant that serves breakfast. Sunny Side Up, a brand new restaurant opened around November 2011. Fancy, well-designed, neat restaurant, this eatery mostly depends on eggs in most of its dishes; they made it obvious by placing a picture of an egg in the logo. A very smart touch of attracting customers was the idea of placing an iPhone and blackberry charger between each couch. The food is very delicious; a top rated dish they serve is a turkey club sandwich, which consists of turkey slices, boiled egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mustard. Another tasty dish is a plate of sweet pancakes with maple syrup, five pieces of pancakes stacked upon each other topped with maple syrup. Lastly their signature dessert is The Elvis Sandwich, which is named like that because it was the favorite dish of the famous Elvis Presley. The best idea about the restaurant which keeps you coming back is that you could order a mug for 8 K.D on a logo of your choosing out of a book that contains a variety of different logos, and it will be hanged on a big pan on the wall with other mugs and every time you visit the restaurant you drink from the mug that is yours instead of drinking from the original restaurants mug. This diner is located in Al Saqaran Complex, Al-Mubarkia. 

This was a modest summary about three breakfast restaurants in Kuwait that are interesting and worth visiting. I hope you are satisfied and enjoyed reading.

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Chinese Restaurants in Kuwait

Chinese Restaurants in Kuwait

Restaurants In Kuwait 
If you are thinking of dining in Kuwait, without wasting much time looking for perfect places. Kuwait is called food lover's paradise. In this article you will find all you want about different food outlets. Do you prefer the Chinese cuisine on any other cuisine? There are a number of Chinese restaurants in Kuwait.

A list of the best Chinese restaurants in Kuwait


  • PF Changs (located in the Avenues and Al Corniche Club)
  • Noodles (located in the Avenues)
  • Royal Terrasse 
  • Wok Master Chinese 
  • Gulf Royal Chinese 
  • City Mughlai 
  • Salmani Palace 
  • Zaika 
  • China Garden Restaurant 
  • China Kitchen 
  • Dawat 
  • Maharani 
  • Kitchen Art 

Chinese Food


Chinese food is any of some of the few styles inventing in the sections over all of China, some of the major foods of China have also surely thrived highly popularly in other major countries and continents of the world – from Asia to the Americas, Australia, Western Europe and Southern Africa. The past of Chinese food goes far too back for many centuries and formed both change from time to time and variation in what is formally and usually be called as traditional Chinese food, leading the Chinese people to pride for themselves on eating a wide range of variety of foods. Main traditions in China contain Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan, and Zhejiang cuisines.

Chinese meals generally consist of two or more components:

1. Rice, and noodles.

Restaurants In Kuwait

Rice is a main kind of food for people from China. It is most commonly eaten in the form of steamed rice.

Chinese noodles are served dry or fresh in different sizes, and textures. Often served in soups or fried or salads as decorations.

2. Vegetables, meat or fish.
Restaurants In Kuwait

Rice is one of the major dishes in Chinese food. Soup is usually served as a beginner to go with. Conferring to the Chinese nation, chopsticks are the main eating implement. As for soups and other liquid food, the usual flat-bottomed spoons are used.

Chinese food is mostly served in bite-sized pieces. Referring to the Chinese traditions, each single dinner is given in a separate bowl while the added dishes are served in dual plates.

The exciting thing in the Chinese cuisine is that most of the general Chinese vegetable dishes actually have meat. Meat chunks are mainly used to make the dishes more and more delicious and tasty.

At the end of a Chinese dinner, sweet is mandatory in the culture usually. It can be either a dish of sliced fruits or a very sweet soup which is served warm and cozy. Among other drinks, warm tea or sizzling water is preferred most. As cold beverages are thought to be damaging for digestion, drinks like very cold icy water or soft drinks (Pepsi-sprite-Mountain Dew-Fanta etc.) are traditionally not served at the meal.

Spend some wonderful times of your holiday in Kuwait. If you love Chinese food we welcome you to any of the Chinese Food Outlets in Kuwait listed above and believe me you will enjoy and pleasure your food.

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Restaurants in Kuwait

Best Restaurants in Kuwait

There a lot of different kinds of restaurants in Kuwait, with different food and
cuisines. The problem is people are looking for the best restaurants especially for their favorite cuisine. Nowadays whilst there hundreds of different restaurants people only look for the best of the best. Well you’ve come to the right place.

American Restaurants in Kuwait

Restaurants In Kuwait
If you are looking for a great American food restaurant with delicious food also available in various locations, then its T.G.I Fridays you are looking for. Fridays is a really decent place to eat at with tasty food. That serves all of the good food you are seeking for, specialized at creating great hamburgers.

Italian Restaurants in Kuwait

Restaurants In Kuwait
Another great cuisine that restaurants in Kuwait serve well for is the Italian food. The most unique and finest Italian diner is Nino. Nino is an Italian restaurant that deals with pizza, lasagna, risotto, spaghetti, ravioli, and macaroni. I would vote for the Mushroom Risotto and the Nino Pasta as the best platters in my opinion, I would highly recommend these dishes for anyone that is going to visit Nino. Also offers great service, salads, and soup. This restaurant is also available for delivery via the website

Japanese Restaurants in Kuwait

Restaurants In Kuwait
Comes next the Japanese cuisine, especially for this particular cuisine a lot of arguments may take place on what is the top restaurant. A list of the top restaurants in this cuisine is, Maki, Wasabi, Sakura, and PF Changs. As for me I would pick PF Changs as the best. Some reasons are, it is located in great places, it offers the best service, also has very tasty food and drinks. For the appetizers they serve you a mouthwatering shrimp cocktail platter, they also have delicious unique noodles, and not to forget to give them credit for their great vegetable rice.

Persian Restaurants in Kuwait

Restaurants In Kuwait
Moving on from a fine restaurant to a finer restaurant. Comes next Persian or Iranian food, recommended for
rice, and kebab lovers, Babak. Babak is an Iranian restaurant that serves Hummus,
Mutabal, Kebab, Rice, and Gheymeh. Babak is a very decent restaurant and contains the closest food to original Iranian food. A great service about Babak is that it delivers via an affiliate website,

Traditional Restaurants in Kuwait

Restaurants In Kuwait
If you are looking for traditional Kuwaiti food, then ignore all the above and continue reading to find the best of the best Kuwaiti food that servers rice and meat. Freej Sowaileh is the Grade A diner for Kuwaiti food especially for rice. Freej Sowaileh serves machboos which is another word for meat or chicken rice. It delivers but usually takes up to 90 minutes to arrive with a 5kg chicken or meat machboos as you order.

Dessert Restaurants in Kuwait

Restaurants In Kuwait
Last but not least the most enjoyed cuisine, dessert. After reading the article everybody will needs a finisher or a conclusion and as always that would be a lovely delightful dessert. In Kuwait we ensure to have a number of various places to serve diverse sweets. There is frozen yogurt, cinnamons, cookies, pretzels, mixed berries, and of course chocolate. The most famous and high superiority place that attends to serve dessert especially chocolate is Opera in Qortuba. Opera is usually ordered for weddings, or special occasions like parties. As for a delicious, healthy, tasty, and non-fat dessert its frozen yogurt. This is most famously served by Pinkberry. Last but most loved, cookies, it is well attended by Choowy Goowy, also available for delivery

I would love to discuss more about the great various restaurants here in Kuwait, but it would be never-ending, as for me these restaurants are my top and I would recommend them to anyone who is in Kuwait and enjoys eating. If you are looking for more great restaurants you can check out this directory of restaurants in Kuwait.